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Lense is a French website and collective of photographers, for photographers. One of their writers, Marie Abeille, recently interviewed me for a feature. This is the english transcription.

The Photographic Notes of Harry W. Edmonds.

Art director based in London, Harry W. Edmonds feeds on his numerous travels to capture and sublimate moments of everyday life. On his website, Photographer's Note, he combines writing and photographs to offer poetic and vibrant content for his visitors.

Please could you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Harry. As a photographer people know me as Harry W. Edmonds. I’m originally from the South Coast of England, but I’ve been living and working in London for over a decade. My background is in graphic design; I’m a design and art director by profession, but pursue photography as an artist and on a freelance basis. I consider myself a street photographer first and foremost.

What inspires you?

I’m obsessed with light. I love working with hard light and high contrast imagery. I’m most passionate about catching those micro moments on the street that otherwise go unnoticed. People are fundamental to what I do. It’s the interplay of these three elements that keeps me chasing photographs. I’m driven by the desire to turn a humble moment on the street into a striking image.

What is your relation to color and black and white?

I consider myself a black and white photographer primarily. Those who know my work will think of it in black and white. But I’ve recently produced some photographs in colour. Colour is incredibly important when it plays a key role in the storytelling of a photograph. However, I love the focus and restrictions when working in black and white. Monochrome is all about the tones and textures of a scene and the quality of light running through it. For me, black and white comes alive when you concentrate on the extremes of light and shadow.


On your site, we discover many texts that accompany the images. Can you explain your approach?

I built my website as a place to offer original content and further insight into my work. I’m active on social media but feel that it’s only one layer. It can be a little superficial at times. What I do as a design and art director is storytelling, and I strive to tell stories as a photographer too, so the written pieces on my website are simply an extension of that. It’s a natural progression for me. Photographer’s Note is a website about my photographs and the stories behind them.

What are you currently working on?

I recently completed a six-month road trip across the USA and Canada; visiting 38 states, 4 provinces, and driving more than 20,000 miles of road. Born out of this trip was a series called American Landmarks, a collection of candid street photographs captured at celebrated US destinations. Although the landmarks are captivating in themselves, as a street photographer I’m far more drawn to the other visitors sharing the experience. Like myself, many would have dreamed of visiting such icons long before their visit. These photographs represent those quiet, contemplative times when you take it all in; people processing the moment.

In addition, my journey continues. I’m currently heading down through South America. The overall aim of this trip is to produce a printed publication. But it’s also an opportunity to further my experience and skills. As a photographer, I’m a firm believer that travel provides so much more than new equipment. Keep your old camera and instead spend the money on enabling new photographic opportunities!

You can read the original article (in French) on the Lense website.

The images shown here are alternatives to those featured by Lense. Take a look at my American Landmarks series for more.


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